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BPA: Toxic Threat In Our Food Chain

Most Ancient Languages Are From Africa

Khoe-San: Most Ancient Branch of Anatomically Modern Humans

Caricatures: A Societal View On Race

The Crisis of Nubian-Melaninite Land Ownership

The Washitaw Nation

Agbogbloshie: Toxic Waste Dump?

Mississippi: Behind the Times... You Think?!!!

Nubian-Melaninite Hair: Kingly Not Kinky

The Dangers of Using Slang

Food and Drug Adminstration: Can It Be Trusted To Protect the Public?

Ka-Rastmass: The African Origins Of Christmas

Medical Crimes Against Nature: Medical Monsters & Other Dr. Frankenstiens

Was Abraham Lincoln the Great Emancipator?

Timbuktu Manuscripts: Specific Examples

Psychosurgery & The Second Violence Initiative

PVC: Outgassing or In-Home Poisoning

Predatory Lending & Minorities

African Burial Ground Monument

Ota Benga: Congolese Pygmay Displayed in the Bronx Zoo

KKK: Alive and Well

Modern Chimera (Mixed Human/Animal Creatures)

Ethnic Cleansing in Connecticut: U.S. Eugenic Programs & the Nazi's

1932 Bonus Army or How to Cheat Your Own Military

1929 War of the Women in Nigeria

Eugenics: Selective Breeding & Sterilization

Sojourner Truth: Nubian Freedom Rider

Thomas Jefferson: Framer of The U.S. Constitution & Hypocrite

The Black Women (Poem by Marcus Garvey)

Edwin Smith Surgical Papyrus

Toxic Waste Dump Sites in the U.S. (SuperFund)

The Lychee & Dog Meat (Yulin) Festival

Segregation Then... Segregation Now!

Claudette Colvin: A Rosa Parks Story before the Rosa Parks Incident

Irene Morgan Kirkaldy: Another Rosa Parks Story

Atonism Teachings On The Spirit Of Fear

Elizabeth Jennings Graham v. Third Ave. Railroad (Another Rosa Parks Story)

Mary Louise Smith Ware: Another Rosa Parks Story and fore-runner to the Montgomery, Alabama Bus Boycott

Nubian-Melaninite Health Watch: Nutricide

The Nubian Condition in the U. S.

AGENDA 21: The New World Order?

The meaning of the word "spirituality"

Gene-I-Sis: The Rise Of the Divine Feminine

Know Your School of Thought or Belief

Ya'Shua the Messiah vs Jesus the Christ

Use Etymology: Stop being Tricked

Atonism: An Ancient African Religion

Nubians & Medicine: C-Sections

Nubians & Medicine: Onesimus

The Condition of Nubians in the U. S. Hate Crimes

Is the Nubian Male An Endangered Species?

Nubians and the Law: Was Slavery Outlawed?

Save The Timbuktu Manuscripts

Nubian Health Watch: Environmental Estrogens

Tama-Re (Ancient Africa): The Source of Information

Cultural Diffusion

Nubian Health Watch: The Junk Food Industry

Nubians & Economics: Nubian Businesses

Nubian Health Watch: Truth In Labeling

Television or "Tell Lies Visually": Programs or Programming

Nubians and Telecommunications (Radio)

I. M. Hotep: The Father of Medicine

The meaning of the word "God"