This blog will teach the information that has been suppressed from the general public. No matter how strange it seems it is all true.

I think it is important to include a short biography so everyone would understand that I have extensively researched the information contained in this blog and am not some just nut spouting conspiracy theories.

My interest with alternative information and metaphysics began as a preteen where I read books, watched documentaries and television shows such as, "In Search Of."

I later served six years in the U.S. Navy as a Missile Technician.

In 1991, I came in contact with information labeled as "The most dynamic books in history."

As I immersed myself in this "school of thought", it led me to study subjects far and wide for the past 25 years.

This has brought me into the membership of many organizations and fields of training.

This is a partial list:

33* Mason, United Internatitional

Grand Worshipful Master, Tehuti Grand Lodge, State of Ct.

Supreme Grand Secretary, Supreme Council, United International

Patron, Nefertiti Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star

Ancient Egiptian Order

Asarian Wa Asetian Order

The Holy Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah

Nurse's Aide Certificate, State of Ct.

1st Aid & CPR Certificate, State of Ct.

Certified to pass medicine, State of Ct.

Life & Health Insurance License, State of Ct.

Security Guard Card, State of Ct.

I have traveled to 7 countries and territories

Hotep wa A'Shug

Ka amun khonsu