Food and Drug Adminstration: Can It Be Trusted To Protect the Public?

Does the Food & Drug Administration really have the manpower to properly do its job?

Consider the egg recall of half a billion eggs or the re-occurring salmonella outbreaks. Preventable food-borne illness affects approximately 76 million Americans every year with 325,000 being hospitalized and 5,000 dying from consuming tainted food.

One staph infection, ST398, is antibiotic-resistant and widely present in our hog and chicken factories. The FDA, for a while, would not issue any estimates of the amount of antibiotics being used in the livestock industry. This changed in December 2010 when the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General released a report stating that 29 million pounds was used in 2009.

Here are some excerpts from "FDA Inspections of Domestic Food Facilities" (April 2010): *On average, the FDA inspects less than 1/4 of food facilities each year and that number has declined over time. There is basically no specific guidelines for the FDA inspection schedule.

*56% of food facilities have gone 5 or more years without an FDA inspection. FDA identified 51,229 food facilities that were subject to inspection and in business from the start of FY 2004 until FY 2008. Of these, 56% were not inspected, 14% just once, and the remaining 30% were inspected two or more times.*The number of facilities that received OAI classifications declined over time.

*FDA took regulatory action against 46% of the facilities with initial OAI classifications; for the rest, FDA either lowered the classification for 20% or took no regulatory action for 25%.

*FY 2007, FDA took no additional steps for 36% of the facilities with OAI classifications.

Here is the link to the report: https://oig.hhs.gov/oei/reports/oei-02-08-00080.pdf

The Solution...Gain control of your food source as much as possible!