Nubian-Melaninite Health Watch: Nutricide

According to naturopath Dr. Llaila O. Afrika, Nutricide is a deliberate and systematic alteration of foods in order to cause physical and mental diseases, genetic mutations and/or death. Nubian children deprived of vital nutrients, which cause attention span disorders, learning problems, behavioral disorders and hyperactivity. It is typical to find a zinc deficiency in boys and an iron deficiency in girls.

Nubian-Melaninite boys in the Philadelphia Public School system were having conduct problems, disruptive behaviors, restlessness, irritability and learning problems. They were found to have iron deficiencies. Iron is needed by the left hemisphere of the brain which is used for cognitive skills and the area of the brain that manages reason and logic. This area is needed to do well on standardized tests. An iron deficiency causes one to perceive information differently and not to respond well.

Nubian-Melaninites that are fed on junk food and cooked foods also have a thiamine deficiency which causes one to be sensitive to criticism, have poor impulse control, to be easy to anger, aggressive, hostile, depressed,and have headaches and/or sleep disturbances. MSG destroys a child's mind and behavior, can cause heart problems, brain and nerve damage, infertility, bone damage and many other problems.

Protect yourself and learn to control your environment!