The Dangers of Using Slang

Comprehensive Etymological Dictionary of English- from sling and means "to sling the jaw, to abuse with words."

Webster's New World Dictionary- 1.) orig., the specialized vocabulary of criminals, tramps, etc. 2.) the specialized vocabulary of those in the same work, way of life, etc. 3.) highly informal language, usually short-lived and of a vigorous or colorful nature, that is usually avoided in formal speech and writing: it consists of both coined words and those with new meanings. Examples of slang: Yiddish to Hebrew, Pat'ois to French, Cockney to Queens English. Slang affects the way you act, dress, think, and other aspects of your entire life. Its use lowers the I.Q. and causes mental deficiencies. 

Levels of I.Q.: Mild: 70-85, Functional Impairment; individual formerly classified as borderline and having lower level of dull normal intelligence; can do laboring jobs. Moderate: 50-70, intellectual capacity of 7-12 year old child; limited social adjustment; special training and guidance required. Severe: 0-50, intellectual capacity doesn't exceed that of a 7 year old child; custodial or complete care required.

Testing the average child from the ghetto, they would score between moderate and severe because they do not use correct grammar and can not articulate properly. Even though they learn English and grammar in school, the majority of their life is spent speaking slang. They hear it from most of the people they know and most of the sources they come in contact with. School books will be difficult to read because they don't use their native tongue. Slang replaces common words and meanings in the language section of the brain, making it almost impossible to converse with someone with good diction. This could contribute to the communication problems that involve people from different backgrounds or areas. Also, this would explain the so-called "generation gap."

Another dangerous factor is the unpronounced double T's where bottle becomes bo'le, settle becomes se'le, nothing becomes nuttin or pretty becomes pre'y. This leads to children growing up thinking this is proper and accepted speech. Just suppose a life-or-death message was broadcast using the correct pronunciation, would slang users be able to understand such a message? If they didn't get it, someone could be in serious danger.

Broca's area of the brain is located in the front, left area in the Inferior Frontal Gyrus near the Motor Cortex. It understands spoken and written languages. The Motor Cortex control the muscles that help the speech muscles of the face, tongue, lips, palate and vocal cords. Speech can be slowed as in retardation due to a variety of pathological conditions.

The Wernicke's area is located in the Superior Temporal Gyrus across from the Auditory Cortex and gives us the ability to understand languages.

The use of slang affects the Broca's area of the brain that gives us the ability to produce language,with language expression being the function of motor control. It allows us to remember patterns of spoken language and this information is sent t by fibers to the Broca's area where articulation and phrases are formed. An example would be a weather broadcast that says, "Today will be hotter than yesterday.", the Broca's area influenced by slang doesn't pickup the word "hotter" because the double T's have been removed and "ha'da" would be heard. This would make something as simple as a weather report difficult to understand. The brain has stopped picking up the letters that are not used in the correct pronunciation of words. Any part of the body that isn't being used, your brain will cut it off as if it never existed and the Broca'a area will do the same.

Eventually, when a message is sent through the media using correct grammar and pronunciation, only a certain class of people will be able to understand. Speaking correct grammar is not only important, it's beneficial and a contributing factor to why inner-city residents can not get jobs. They have poor diction which is a manner of expressing ideas in words whether speaking or writing.

Nubian-Meaninite children have become victims of what is drastically exaggerated and promoted through Hip Hop and slang. Those in the media are well aware of its effects but still promotes the use of slang. Any and all of the inconceivable things you do not want your child to be exposed to comes in through the media, especially music. Not only does it distort the language, it teaches hate, promiscuity, violence, war and destruction through a language known on to the people who understand slang.

Slang may have began with unconventional words or phrases that express something old in a new way, but has become sick, malicious and vulgar.

Ebonics is another way to shut down the brain and causes you to go back to the way we spoke 100 years ago or more when we were taught the language incorrectly. We can not allow ourselves to go backward.

The youth of today use the most vulgar and abusive terms in every day conversation. Calling each other names once only used for low-life people, just to say "hello" or "how good do you look."

Cursing is also a form of slang. It is like a drug and becomes addictive, but more than a bad habit, a way of life. Nubian-Melaninites must stop this condition from overtaking us, especially the children.

Parents are the first teachers. We must be careful about the words we use because children hear and imitate what they see and hear from the adults.

We must fight against poor articulation, bad grammar and an inferiority complex by correcting ourselves and our children when slang is being used.