The Nubian Condition in the U. S.

Statement of the Nubian-Melaninite Condition


It is important that Nubian-Melaninites recognize that our problems are not random, but a plot to keep us disorganized and, especially for the Nubian-Melaninite male, non-competitive. Two ways this is accomplished is by gender imbalance and economics. Here are some statistics to show how the Nubian-Melaninite female is given advantages over her male counterpart: 

The Joint Center for Political & Economic Studies report: Nubian-Melaninite females have increased their quality of life and life changes over Nubian-Melaninite males. Nubian-Melaninite females are elected to office at a rate of 5-1 over males. The female birth rate is 2-1. Nubian-Melaninite females have a higher rate of survival, income, employment, job stability, business ownership, college attendance, and wealth accumulation. Nubian-Melaninite females fall victim to fewer catastrophic illness, criminal incarcerations, homicides, and outlive males by approximately 20 years. 

Now counterbalance that information with these statistics for Nubian-Melaninite males:

The Centers for Disease Control published a report that stated, "Being a Black male in America was hazardous to his health." Nubian-Melaninite males have a higher mortality rate than any ethnic group.They have lower levels of education, occupational status, income levels, wealth, health. Nubian-Melaninite males have poorer housing, fewer 2-parent households, higher unemployment, greater contact with the criminal justice system, and higher levels of marital disruption. The report suggested that the socioeconomic conditions among Nubian-Melaninites, by a large degree, stemmed directly from the structural economic and social inequalities produced from centuries of slavery, Jim Crowism and "benign neglect". 

Since the Nubian-Melaninite man is the primary target of racism, it explains why they are disproportionately burdened with health problems and the shortest life expectancy of any race or gender. We must realize that no one is going to help us with our situations. Nubian-Melaninite males and females must come together and solve our own problems. We must learn again how nature works and the nature of nature so as to be rightly guided.This is not meant to be critical of either gender but to establish a dialogue so we can take the necessary medicine as sick Nubian-Melaninite's who have been isolated from our true culture for centuries. 

This is just a brief summary for each gender to have a better understanding as to why we are so divided and find it difficult to find a proper mate. Below is a suggested "List of Attributes" each gender should consider when looking for a mate.

The Nubian-Melaninite Male's Responsibility is:

Choose a Healthy and Intelligent wife,(Beauty is only skin deep). Provide an above poverty-stricken environment. Acquire a good academic or vocational education. Utilize his talents to support his family. Know how to repair items around the house. know how to drive everything on wheels. Protect and guard his family at all times. Be well informed in order to keep his family abreast of current events that affect their lives. Know survival tactics, what to do in case of emergencies. Know how to take care of a house, to cook and provide for the children in case his wife is ill or dies. Set an example and be a role model for his children. Be loyal to his wife and discipline himself on order to keep a respectful relationship. Maintain honesty and integrity. Don't endanger his family by violating the laws of the country, city or state in which they live. Control his emotions and be strong under pressure and always keep his promises. Be a father example for his sons. Be a father example for his daughters. Be a husband for his wife. Set a good overall example for his family, be a upright and noble member in the family.

The Nubian Female's Responsibility is: 

Choose a Healthy and Intelligent husband. Provide a strong supporting environment, an immaculate home, and an above poverty-stricken environment. Acquire a good academic and domestic education. An academic education to help with the family business or take it over if the husband becomes ill or dies. A domestic education to: Know how to cook very well; how to sew to make clothes; how to clean and maintain her home; how to operate all household machinery; know herbs and natural cures; know CPR and have a little medical knowledge; how to type and use a computer; utilize her talents to support her family; know how to do hair and nails, physical grooming for herself and family. Be able to cut hair and fix small items in her house. Know how to drive. Protect her family at all times. Be well informed of current events that may affect her family. Don't endanger her family by violating any laws.Control her emotions and be strong under pressure and always keep her promises. Be a mother example for her son. Be a mother example for her daughters. Be a wife to her husband. Set a good overall example for her family, be a upright and noble family member.

Nubian-Melaninites need better educational access and better environment maintenance. In traditional areas of large Nubian-Melaninite densities, the quality of food, the quality of living, and community opportunities are much lower compared to areas where the densities are small. There aren't the same quality supermarkets, plentiful affordable housing and adequate housing units, and state-of-the-art recreational facilities in areas where Nubian-Melaninites traditionally populate.

These three entities would ensure job opportunities as well as healthy real estate, residential and commercial markets.

Grocery stores alone generate enough traffic that attracts other complementary stores and services, like banks, pharmacies, gyms and restaurants.

Sisters... be hopeful, many brothers are getting it together or working on it. Brothers... be hopeful, many sisters see the deception and are waiting on us.

Remember: "A nation can rise no higher than its women!!!"

Atonism under the direction of The Holy Qubtic Church applies the concept of R.E.L.S.E.L.W.E.P. to accomplish the mission of raising the Nubian-Melaninite nation. This will happen by becoming successful in these areas:

Religion- it must be our own. Using our Atonist or Atenist text inscribed on the Shabaka Stone, we can regain control of our own destiny on all levels.

Economics- get out of the employee mindset and learn to do-for-self and support your own.

Labor- we must our own business and job markets.

Sex/Gender- we must recognize our own standards of beauty and compatibility.

Education- we must use our own culture and history.

Law- we must gain control of our communities to govern and police ourselves both in the U.S. and abroad.

War- we must develop our own security force as we have been subjected to the war tactics of others such as genetic warfare inclusive of genetic annihilation via the Maafa, germ warfare, drug warfare, sexual warfare, educational warfare, military warfare, and the greatest of all, spiritual warfare.

Entertainment- we must engage in and support entertainment that is beneficial to our minds and bodies.

Politics- we must set our own laws, rules and regulations to control our agendas.